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WPEngine is a feature-filled managed hosting plan for WordPress websites that mainly concentrates on three major WordPress website issues, such as security, speed, and stability.

WPEngine can be regarded as a comparatively new WordPress host. But, thanks to its intelligent management and awesome market position, it has been able to bring in a lot of influencers and prominent figures in the WordPress field. It has been observed that folks running WordPress.com and Automatic had invested in WPEngine in 2011. SportsNetworker, CMSCritic, and Balsamiq, are just a few of the popular brands, which are now using problem-free WPEngine hosting platform.

In case you don’t know about it already, WPEngine is a WordPress-only managed webhost.

In the following paragraphs, you will be able to find out about important benefits that come with WPEngine webhosting plans.

  • WPEngine is managed by a team of WordPress Geeks. All the way from the CEO to the managers and down to the support workers, each one of them is highly accomplished and expert in what they do. It is surely the managed WordPress hosting company offering the best WordPress support.
  • WPEngine has been tried and tested by a number of successful bloggers and webmasters to be highly responsive.
  • Thanks to its excellent use of the cloud computing technologies, WPEngine assures its customers of 100 percent of server uptime.
  • WPEngine offers safe and secure webhosting setup. All WordPress upgrades and malware searches are carried out while you sleep. Site backup is performed every day. Thus, WPEngine ensures a highly secure hosting environment. Webmasters have nothing to worry about especially when it comes to site security and safety with WPEngine.
  • WPEngine offers incredible assistance with moving your sites. If you find it difficult to move your new site, then WPEngine will be able to help you with it. WPEngine experts can handle the painful exercise of WordPress site migration.
  • WPEngine’s webhosting costs are quite affordable. It offers hosting services at considerably reduced rates as compared to the other popular brands. For instance, WPEngine entry level plan is less than $30 per month for one WordPress install. The cost will also include a number of features and security systems, like virus scanning, site backups, reliable restore points, and hacker free guarantees. In-fact, there are plenty of features that come standard with purchase.

In consideration of the above-mentioned facts, it can be said that WPEngine is one of the best managed webhosting platforms that are currently available on the Internet.

Some folks are of the view that a large number of positive reviews are mainly because of the fact that the system is relatively new. The reason why so many people are speaking so highly of WPEngine is because the people who don’t have any use for this platform tend to stay away from it. In-fact, majority of the people are unaware of how to use it properly, while an overwhelming majority of the marketers view it as their dream webhosting platform. By using the WPEngine, you can manage to construct what you have created in your mind in a more convenient way, with the tools and options it has to offer.

The WPEngine is basically an extension for hosting that has been made by the founders of the WordPress blogging system. The great thing about WPEngine is the fact that it can be used in coordination with WordPress and formatting is incredibly easy. They have turned it into more of a sandbox for people, so that they can be able to develop it as per their specific requirements.

With that said, those individuals who are interested in using this platform need to spend some time learning what it is and how to use it properly. Once you are able to comprehend what it is all about, you will be able to enjoy the real benefits. It has plenty on offer; it’s just a matter of knowing about it.

The fact that it is an extension of the WordPress blogging platform, there is endless information available online to guide you through different tasks and problems. Moreover, their support staff is extremely friendly, and they always ensure that you have the best experience.