Dreamhost Setup Tutorial

Getting started with building your site using Dreamhost is very simple. All you’ll need to do is get a domain name, transfer it to Dreamhost and configure your nameservers, and then set up your site using an easy, step by step process. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started building your Dreamhost site.

Step 1: Domain registration

The first thing you will need to do to get started building your site is to purchase a domain name. For example, you can buy a domain name through Dreamhost themselves using the Panel, Domain, and Registrations option. Or you can transfer domain registrations to the host specifically. Otherwise, you can point your nameservers to Dreamhost to make sure it recognize your domain.

Step 2: Build your site

To build the site, you will need to design each page either using Dreamhost’s one click install or Dreamweaver. There are numerous options for building a site, and W3Schools is one great place to get started if you’d like to code it yourself. You can also hire someone to design a site for you. Once your pages are completely ready to go, simply upload them using an FTP client to Dreamhost. Then your site will be up and running, and you can view it simply by going to the selected name you’ve chosen for your domain.

Step 3: Getting traffic

The next thing you’ll need for your site is visitors. A great way to attract people to your site is to submit to various search engines like Yahoo and Google. You can also advertise your site around the web using pay per click ads. Or you can write news articles and press releases about your service or offering.

Optional WordPress Install

WordPress installations for Dreamhost are just slightly different. You will need to configure a fully hosted domain using the manage domains screen on Dreamhost. Then, click Add New Domain under your control panel. You’ll need to add your domain name, either with www or not depending on your preference. Then, your FTP username will be shown; you can simply keep it there as it is. Also, be sure to leave web options where they are, since the defaults work fine. Once you have your domain hosted fully on Dreamhost, you”ll get a green box showing your success.

Next, you should see your one click install selection under WordPress when you visit your Dreamhost control panel. Click the button that says custom installation. Then choose whichever domain you’ve put for installing your WordPress site from the list. You should leave any fields that are to the right of your domain name open.

Finally, once you’ve finished the install, you will see a Success message at the top of your screen and you’ll also receive an email from DreamHost installer robot. This should tell you you’ve successfully installed WordPress to your website.

A Simple Method for Setting Up Any Type of Site

As you can see, setting up a website with Dreamhost is very easy. You can upload one you’ve built yourself or use the one-click options to install a content management system that best serves your needs. This way, any type of site you’d like to host can easily be set up in just a few minutes.